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Grove Park therapy team is amazing. They are good people, make me laugh and very loving. They helped me start walking again and everything else. The entire team is really really good. The nursing team, social worker and admissions went over and beyond. Everyone was good to all the residents.

–Latrice Wilson

This facility was nice and treated me with care and respect. I am very happy with my stay at Grove Park. Therapy was great along with the rest of staff at the facility.

–Jeanpelet Matheus

Good time enjoying treatment and having Vivian from the administration office helping me along the way. Very good professional nursing facility, trust me ain’t nobody going to steer you wrong. Everyone was honest and helpful.

–Lena Mclaughlin

I enjoyed my time here and just want to write a review and tell the people how amazing this place is. The team here is very special to me. I came in not knowing how to dress myself or walk, and am walking out of here using just a cane. Thank you to the therapy department. Everyone was very important to my development. Nursing and social services catered to all my needs. Vivian went over and above with my insurance company. Thank you all and many love!

–Ali Ismail

Everyone was very pleasant and I was treated with dignity & respect here at Grove Park. I will recommend this facility for rehabilitation!

– Sheila Thomas

After visiting a friend staying at New Grove Manor for recovery and therapy from an injury, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of care she was receiving. The staff seemed to genuinely care about the patients there, and the nurses closely monitored every aspect of care. The building is not the newest building by any stretch but the level of dedication shown to my friend by the staff more than made up for that. Recommended.

–S. Burns

Amazing warm and dedicated staff, that treat you like family. Delicious gourmet meals accompanied with amazing recreational activities and cutting-edge therapy services from a dedicated team of therapists made my aunt’s stay just wonderful.

H. Schwed

I went to the facility for an interview. The facility is of vibrant colors and beautiful paintings. From the outside you would not know what it truly is, It looks like an apartment building, which I think is great, since it is where people live permenently. The staff that I met were very polite and take great pride in their job.

–L. Kisinski

We would like to thank Grove Park Rehabilitation for everything they have done for us. My brother was placed in Stratford Rehabilitation in West Orange, NJ where he had broken his femur bone and caught a mild stroke on top of that, his whole right side was out of commission. He lay in Stratford in 1 spot for 2 weeks straight. Every day we went up there and had to curse them out. I did my research and transferred him to Grove Park. It took them working with him the first 2 days of him being there and my brother was moving like nothing never happened. He was moving and standing within those 2 days of being there. Grove Park may not look all of that on the outside due to the remodeling that they are having done, but in the inside they have an amazing & wonderful staff there. I would like to thank Vivian who works in Admissions for welcoming us with open arms and making sure she kept her word about her facility. Simone, the head of therapy, took the time to make sure he got the therapy she promised us he every day of the week, and Tiffany, the social worker, who put all his paperwork in order and made sure we were satisfied & understood everything that was discussed. The Easterling Family truly appreciates the rest of the staff for their support and help with our loved one who was there for only 2 & 1/2 weeks and was able to walk out of GROVE PARK REHABILITATION ON HIS OWN WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE, BACK ON HIS FEET AND BLESSED!!!!!! I RECOMMENDED THIS REHAB WITH NO HESITATION!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN GROVE PARK REHABILITATION FOR EVER!!

– Easterling Family

Grove Park Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, 101 North Grove Street, East Orange, NJ 07017

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